In the business world the word “Production” is widely used as a means to identifying how effective a company or a department in a company is. Every company no matter the industry they may be in has the discussions on how to be more productive.

By far one of the most important elements in productivity is organization. No matter how great the talent may be that you hire, if you bring in an individual into your company in an unorganized environment, they will be setup for failure.

On the other hand if they are brought into an environment where organization is at its highest capacity the likelihood they will be productive and efficient is increased exponentially.

Although it may seem like a tiny 3 minutes trying to find a particular tool, or piece of paper or whatever it may be, those 3 minutes here and 2 minutes there and 5 minutes there times the number of employees you have add up.

When it comes to production “Time is Money”. If there is time lost then money is lost, if there is time not wasted then that is money not wasted.

The best policy when it comes to production is to organize things so if at anytime someone asked the question “Where is this?” then anybody would be able to quickly provide an answer.

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