Branding a company can be a daunting task for any entrepreneur or marketing expert. There are so many diverse industries and niches that are being filled with start-up companies all the time looking to gain a piece of the market share.

The #1 task that any company has to do is Branding. There is a lot that goes into branding, however probably the biggest to take into consideration is Consistency. Consistency in fonts, colors, shapes, icons, messaging, typography etc.

Have you ever seen a business card, flyer, billboard, letterhead, website etc. from one company look so different that you would not think it is the same company? This happens on a daily basis for the majority of small businesses as a result of them using different designers at different times on different projects.

As a business owner it is your responsibility to ensure that existing and potential customers can view any form of marketing material from your company and recognize instantly that it is from your company. Making sure your corporate identity (Logo) has the same appearance on all your marketing mediums is extremely important.

The best way to ensure all of your branding is consistent is to start with a business and marketing plan. Putting together these two plans is essentially the opportunity for a business owner to put their goals and visions for the company on paper. Once this is established it will be much easier for any graphic designer to ensure your company’s brand is consistent in all marketing mediums they create for you.

Always remember if you Fail to Plan, you Plan to Fail. This statement is never more true in the success of any business.

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